PAGB's OTC Directory


The 2017-18 print directory is now available to order.

OTC directory

PAGB’s OTC directory is designed to give health professionals such as GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists a helpful guide to the consumer healthcare products available without a prescription, including over the counter medicines, food supplements and self care medical devices.

Additional copies of the OTC directory are now available on request for health professionals. The next print edition of the OTC directory will be available in 2019. We ask health professionals using the OTC directory to retain this year’s version where possible.

There is no charge for the book, however we do ask you to pay the postage and packing, which is made up of the cost of delivery via Royal Mail or another provider, and a small charge for administration.

Did you know you can also use the OTC directory online? It’s free and there’s no need to register.

The OTC directory has been a firm favourite in GP practices and pharmacies for years and now we’re delighted to bring you an online version.  We’ve launched the OTC directory online as a beta site so please contact us with your ideas and experiences of using it and help us develop it further.  Share your feedback by emailing

PAGB’s online OTC Directory can help you with recommending suitable products for patients, providing information on how to use products safely and encouraging self care for self treatable conditions.

OTC directory of self care products

Healthcare professionals can search the site by category, product or ingredient. You can also refine your search using the options on the left of the screen, and you can show more or fewer results according to your preference. The results appear in alphabetical order but you can filter them by category, sub-category or manufacturer.

Each result can be opened to view more information about the product, including:


Up to 6 copies

To order between 1 and 6 copies, please download the order form and return it with a LARGE (A4) stamped self-addressed envelope to:

OTC directory
New Penderel House
283-288 High Holborn

How to send a self-addressed stamped envelope’ (

The self-addressed envelope should have enough postage for the quantity ordered. See postage and packing costs. Insufficient postage will mean that we cannot send you the directory.

Orders without an order form will not be processed.

7 copies or more

If you are ordering 7 or more copies, choose ‘7 or more’ below and complete the online form with details of who to invoice or who to contact to take a credit card payment.

We will send the directories once payment has been made.

OTC Directory Request - 7 OR MORE

Postage & packing costs

1 x OTC Directory = £1.95
2 x OTC Directory = £2.76
3 x OTC Directory = £3.86
4-6 x OTC Directory = £6.32

We will send orders of 7 or more copies by courier and will advise you of the cost, depending on the quantity ordered.