PAGB Professional Learning Programme


PAGB Professional Learning Programme

The PAGB Professional Learning Programme has been designed to give you a greater understanding of the consumer healthcare industry.

It’s made up of 14 modules, which can be studied individually or can be combined to achieve the PAGB Diploma in OTC Healthcare. The online format of the course means that you can choose how many modules to study and complete them at your own pace. Hosted on Wilmington Healthcare’s Digital Learning Academy, the responsive platform means all learning content and materials are accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.

The Professional Learning Programme is aimed at people working in the consumer healthcare industry, or in agencies supporting consumer healthcare companies, whether you are new to the sector, or just want to improve your knowledge in one area. It is particularly popular with professionals working in

  • Sales, particularly those dealing with pharmacy staff face-to-face
  • Regulatory
  • Marketing and communications
  • Customer services

To be awarded the PAGB Diploma in OTC Healthcare you need to pass four compulsory modules and an additional six elective modules.

The course content is regularly updated to reflect the latest industry developments, including regulatory changes and new OTC ingredients.

Compulsory modules

These provide an overview of the consumer healthcare industry; the regulatory framework for OTC medicines; and an introduction to body science to aid your understanding of the specific therapeutic areas covered in the elective modules.

Introduction to the healthcare industry and pharmacy
The development of medicine and the UK pharmaceutical industry, how this fits with the NHS and the role of the pharmacist/pharmacy staff.

Advertising and promotion of OTC medicines
The ways in which the advertising of OTC medicines in controlled through regulation and self-regulation, including the requirements of the PAGB Consumer Code and Professional Code.

Body science
The structure of the human body, including how the cells, tissues and organs are organised into different body systems, the function of each system and how they interact to maintain health.

Regulatory overview
The rules and regulations controlling how medicines are licensed, manufactured and marketed, including the role of the MHRA.

Elective modules

These modules cover the following categories in more depth, including the conditions that can be treated with self care and the active ingredients used in products.

  • Pain and analgesics
  • The upper respiratory tract
  • The upper gastrointestinal tract
  • The Lower gastrointestinal tract
  • Ear, eye and oral care
  • Skin and scalp
  • Lifestyle maintenance
  • Nutrition and food supplements
  • Genito-urinary system and contraception
  • Allergy

For more information email or call 020 7242 8331.

Course format

The online format means you can study at your own pace and fit it in around your work and personal commitments.

Each module includes learning activities to self-check your progress. At the end of each module there is a timed exam consisting mainly of multiple choice questions. You need to pass this to successfully complete the module and gain credits. A certificate of achievement is awarded for every completed module.

The PAGB Diploma in OTC Healthcare is awarded if the compulsory and elective modules are completed within a period of 12 months.


The cost for one person to complete the PAGB Diploma in OTC Healthcare is £1050 plus VAT at 20%.

Individual modules are charged at £125 + VAT at 20% per module.

PAGB Member and Associate Member companies benefit from a reduction in the cost of studying the PAGB Diploma in OTC Healthcare, and the individual modules.

£700 plus VAT at 20% for one person to complete the PAGB Diploma in OTC Healthcare and £80 plus VAT at 20% per module for individual modules.

How to register

Simply complete the enquiry form below and you’ll be contacted by Wilmington Healthcare, the company that administers the Professional Learning Programme on behalf of PAGB, to complete your registration.

The information you enter into this form will be shared with Wilmington Healthcare solely for the purpose of administering your booking. Please see Wilmington Healthcare Ltd’s privacy policy for more information about how it processes personal data.


The PAGB Professional Learning Programme is delivered in association with:

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