PAGB Codes & Guidance

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PAGB operates a pre-publication approval system for member companies’ consumer advertising. It is a condition of membership that all advertising aimed at consumers must be submitted to PAGB for screening and PAGB approval has been given prior to its release into the public domain.

Whilst member companies are legally responsible for their advertising, the pre-publication approval system aims to help members ensure that their consumer advertising complies with the legal and self-regulatory requirements and that the messages portrayed are legal, decent, truthful, balanced, and responsible.

PAGB offers advice on advertising that is aimed at health care professionals but does not operate a system of pre-publication approval for such materials.

In addition to the PAGB codes and guidance below, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, MHRA, also provides detailed guidance on:



PAGB also produces guidelines, guidance and advice related to the advertising of OTC medicines, OTC medical devices and food supplements:

Medical Devices – how do I know if my product is within scope of PAGB membership?

For medical device products to be within scope of PAGB membership they must;

For more information on which devices fall into scope of PAGB membership please contact

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