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How does my company join PAGB?

We welcome membership enquiries by telephone 020 7242 8331, email or via our online enquiry form.

Once we’ve received your membership enquiry, we’ll contact you to find out more about your company and why you’d like to join PAGB. We’ll ask you to read our Articles of Association, which set out PAGB’s purpose and the scope of our work. They also establish the relationship between PAGB and its members, and the requirements of membership.

Associate members will be asked to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of associate membership.

All membership enquiries are subject to checks and review by our membership committee. Once the process has successfully completed we’ll welcome you into membership and you’ll be able to start using our services and enjoying the benefits of membership.

Membership FAQs

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions. Please contact us to apply or for more information.

Who can become a member of PAGB?

Companies qualify for full membership of PAGB if they manufacture and/or market branded non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices, food supplements or registered herbal medicines in the United Kingdom.

Full members are required to support the aims of PAGB and agree to comply with the Articles of Association and the PAGB Codes of Practice.

Read more about membership

We have a product in development, can we join PAGB?

Your company can apply to join PAGB as a “Gateway” Associate Member. Once your product has been launched your company can apply to become a full Member. (see our definitions of membership)

Our product is switching from POM to P-medicine, can we join PAGB?

Your company can apply for “Gateway”  Associate Membership.

What is an Associate Member?

Companies that meet the criteria for associate membership can apply to be associate members. We accept applications in two categories:

  1. companies that offer, or could offer, services to PAGB or its member companies including for example, but not limited to, advertising agencies, PR consultancies, regulatory consultancies, marketing agencies, sales and distribution companies and public affairs agencies.
  2. companies whose products are still in development, or are seeking to reclassify a medicine, i.e. undertaking a switch from a prescription only medicine (POM) to a pharmacy (P) or general sales list (GSL) category medicine. This is known as “Gateway” associate membership.

More about associate membership.

How much does it cost to join PAGB?

Full Members pay an annual membership fee based on the eligible products they market in the UK. The minimum fee is £3,850 plus VAT at 20%. Any company wishing to join should contact PAGB for a quotation on their subscription.

The annual subscription for Associate members is £2,750 plus VAT at 20%.

Can we attend a workshop or submit copy while we’re applying?

PAGB services and benefits are only available to members and associate members once payment of the subscription has been made. We’ll do our best to ensure that your application is dealt with efficiently and that you can start enjoying the benefits of members as soon as possible.